As you might probably already know, i was raised a Christian.
While growing up, i never understood how people could read The Bible without getting frustrated and without having headaches while reading.
That was off course because i thought it was too difficult, and i never understood any context of it.
This was the KJB version (King James Bible) at that time.
I always thought i never understood The Bible, because it was too difficult to read, so my mom got me another one.
In The Netherlands they call it “Het Boek”.
It was the more understanding version of the KJB, so they said…
When i finally tried to read HET BOEK, i found out that i still had a hard time reading it.
I tried, and i tried… but somehow it never got a hold of me.
Recently i found out why i had such a hard time reading it.
It was because of WITH WHAT i was reading!
I was trying to use my brains to understand His Word, instead of His Spirit that lives inside of me.
I was reading His Word  from a theory perspective, and not reading from a living perspective.
Somehow The Word was always dead to me, but when i actually encountered Him, it was like He took my Glasses of Theory off of me and when i actually tried to read The Bible again it was like the Words we’re literally coming off of the page into my heart.

Do i understand everything, every time i read? Nope, still working on that. That’s what’s so amazing about going on an adventure with God.
I believe He works with seasons, and there is a season for every little detail. For example: Sometimes i have no clue what certain Scriptures in The Bible mean, but a few ours/days/weeks/months/years later i find out the exact meaning of certain Scriptures i had no clue of. And a lot of the times i experience that when i actually find out the meaning of certain Scriptures, that it was meant for that exact moment/situation i lived in. I now understand that, for me.., i can’t read The Bible without being guided by the Holy Spirit. Just a couple of months ago i read a book called “When heaven invades earth” by Bill Johnson, and for me, this specific part of the book really defines The Holy Spirit and the Word of God: “The Holy Spirit, He directs, reveals, and empowers me to be and do what the Word says”.

So for me, separation between The Holy Spirit and reading The Bible is not an option.
Now The Word has become my Daily Bread.
I’m so thankful for God loving me so much, and for the fact that He’s personal and that He calls me by name just like He calls you by your name.
His invitation, to get to know Him is so awesome… but what i think is so amazing about Him is that He actually wants to have a relationship with us.