The other day i was overthinking about the past two years, that have gone by so fast.
In these two years of being a born again Christian, so many things have changed in our lives.
It has only been two years but it feels like it has always been this way.

Lately i’ve had some thoughts about my life as a Christian and how i want it to be.
And the fact is that i want it to be exactly how God wants it to be…
His will be done.
How weird it may seem to others, unstructured, as chaotic it might seem.
I don’t care how it looks like as long as it’s authentic, that’s all i care for.

The thing is.., you cannot perform God.
God is not a show, not an event to attend or even a competition in who’s the best in bible theology.
First of all Jesus is perfect theology, events only lasts for so long, and shows most of all are performed  to get people feel important and hoping to become succesful one day, and or being noticed.
Not that being a performer is a bad thing but when it comes to God you can’t perform Him.
You can’t put on a show when it comes to Him. You can try to put on a show and call it God, but eventually the things that are self-centred/wrong motives/ own agenda and/or not from Him will reveal itsself sooner or later.

I like it when people are authentic or at least are trying to be.
They speak what’s in their heart, the good bad and the ugly.
They see/tell truth for what it is and they don’t want to compromise with what’s not authentic to God.
I love it when people are willing to learn but also are willing to look like a fool and just step out when God calls them to.
To me that’s authentic, and that’s what i long for.

And no i don’t hate shows, performing artists and events… just to clarify things. ;D

It’s like true love, when you truly love someone you cannot perform it.
Being in love and or loving someone is not something you perform, because it’s out of truth and it feels (super)natural. If it’s not, it won’t last long.

I pray that people will long for the authentic relationship with God.
I pray that we all grow into one!

Be blessed!