In my last post i wrote about not performing God but being authentic, and what it could look like.

Most times i hear/see Holy Spirit saying/doing things i never would’ve done/ think of myself. I’m learning a lot while stepping out in faith and be obedient to what He wants me to say or do. While learning i make mistakes and still enjoy the adventures.

I love living a life that on the outside might look strange to others. But to me and God it’s real and fruitful.
I love making decisions that only Holy Spirit can guide me through.

In my vulnerability, i feel Holy Spirit’s on me and guiding me… sort of like Google maps.
On the outside it might seem chaotic and of track of what people think God might be doing.
People are worried about our lifestyle, we are not where we need to be financially, we live in a small apartment, we have two kids and one on the way. I get questions like “how are you guys managing all this chaos?” “Where is your God in this?” Well i am not in Christ to survive life! I am in Christ to shine!!!

In the midst of all this i’m always reminded that Jesus didn’t look like The messiah most people expected to see.
He wore clothes like everybody else at that time, He broke traditions that were taken very serious by the scholars and pharisees. I think if Jesus walked on this earth today, people wouldn’t even recognise Him.

Too bad a lot of people have little to no value when it comes to people who are just trying to take risks and follow Holy Spirit. I love it when people are willing to get out of their comfort zones, i was one of those people who would always avoid getting out of my comfort zone. But He changed my heart and showed me what it would look like if i did…

If you feel like Holy Spirit wants you to start things like missions/visions/initiatives.., pray for Him to guide you and to cover your/His plan with His blood. Pray for Him to surround you with the right people. (Hebrew 9:12-14, Hebrew 10:19-22, Ephesians 1:7, John 6:53-57)

It’s obvious people lack trust in others who are willing to serve Christ and who don’t want to be part of a controlling systemChrist is enough, but somehow people don’t really trust that His blood is enough? Christians telling other Christians they are doing it wrong because they are not protected by other Christians praying over them. If you want to pray for people to be protected… Pray! But don’t tell them that’s required to do so, otherwise you will failGod’s plans never fail…

If systems and control is all you have, you have nothing. People are not free, they are still undercover Christians. (Under the cover of controlling people)
Let’s not put each other in boxes like society does. Let’s be able to be free and actually get people exited to follow Holy Spirit.

Even if it looks weird, maybe even dullout of your box, if it’s biblical and guided by Holy Spirit… who are you to judge? And to people who have a controlling spirit, ask yourself what your motives are by forcing people in religious systems?

Don’t get me wrong though, i think it’s good to have leaders being mentored and fathered but a lot of times i just experience controlJesus trusted Judas with finance even though He knew Judas was struggling with it. He looked at Judas in his full purpose not in his failing.
How will we ever grow without falling a few times, make mistakes but most of all only be dependant on what Holy Spirit is saying? Nowadays people have the need to feel needed by everyone, and if they don’t get their way they will tell you “it’s not from God, it’s not biblical“. But the worst case is people telling you “you will fail, you are not qualified“. What God has planned will never fail, people might fall, but will get up, if you speak lifeidentity, and abundance of blessings over them.

If it’s one thing i’ve learned so far it’s this…You follow the Holy Spirit, don’t ask the Holy Spirit to follow you.

I hope i did not offend anyone with the things i write that are on my heart, i’m learning as i go.
And i’m always willing to talk to everyone about what i write.
We may not have the same opinion, and that’s okay but that shouldn’t stop us from being friends/in relation right?

Love and blessings to you!