This is what God spoke to me when i asked Him about what to wright for my next blogpost.
He’s funny that way! My husband and me are growing in Faith everyday.., stepping out and enjoy what God has for people.We hear/see His things in different ways, it is an adventure you cannot be prepared for most of the time. Most of our old lives, we lived insecure about everything especially our future. But God showed me that He already knows what our future is going to look like.
Somehow i just feel that He already prepared us a long time ago for this exact season we live in.
The only secure thing we now live in is God, He who was, and is and is to come.

Taking risks in life is a must if you want to grow.

I remember one of the first things i felt in my heart was that Holy Spirit was telling me to go to my dad’s house.
He just had his shoes adjust to the perfect height because one leg was shorter than the other and he had back pains because of that.
I sat on his chair in the living room and while he walked by, talking about random things, my eyes we’re fixed on his shoes that were in the hallway.
God somehow highlighted them and i felt that Holy Spirit inside of me pushed me out of that chair and i immediately told my dad to sit down. He looked at me like “what are you gonna do”?
I told him that i was gonna pray for his leg to come out and Jesus would heal him.
He had a nervous laugh, and looked at me like i was joking.
So i held his two feet in the palm of my hands and simply began to command his leg to come even with the other one in Jesus name. I felt his feet moving across my hand and my dad yelled “Did you feel that”? I was so happy, and i could feel God’s heart for my dad in that exact moment.
So now he didn’t need those shoes that were adjusted anymore.
It was an awesome day for all of us!

Don’t wait on the move of God… We are the move of God!

I know a lot of people struggle with stepping out in faith, insecurity, doubt, lies, fears are taking over. We have been there and sometimes these thought’s still try to come in.
That’s why it’s important to keep stepping out in faith (whatever that may look like).
It could look like sharing an image, word of knowledge, pray for healing… or maybe just to love the hell out of peopleLove looks like something! Don’t wait on God to make a move, He wants you to Move! If you don’t step out in Faith, it will step out of you
You start believing more of the things that already held you back in the first place.
And sooner or later you start making excuses and start searching for reasons why you shouldn’t step out. These thought’s are called LIES… just in case you didn’t know. 😉

What moves us into stepping out?

It is love and compassion that moves us to step out, perfect love casts out fear as it says in 1 John 4:18. The road might look like a rocky or chunky monkey one, but the experience is Heavenly Hazel.
Jesus is the perfect example of what stepping out looks like. He only did what He saw His Father doing
 Stepping out in Faith also means taking risks spiritually, are we willing to take risks in trying to hear Holy spirit? Are we willing to do what He asks us, even if it means people will not understand your decisions and you might be persecuted for your obedience to God? Step out of the Christian bubble for once, step out in Faith and start having a personal God relationship that’s not depending on other people around you. It could look like a NO to people around you, but it is a full YES and Amen to God. How many times have you heard (maybe in your head) talk to Me, seek Me, It is God wanting you to spend time with Him. It is called a Relationship!
You need to step out in Faith to Expect Him everywhere you go, He’s already there! 😀