Where you’re rooted at

About two month's ago i had an impression about wind and about two tree's in different seasons.One that is rooted and one that is not. I felt God had put that in my heart for this particular season. This past month i've had impressions

Step out in Faith before it steps out of you!

This is what God spoke to me when i asked Him about what to wright for my next blogpost. He’s funny that way! My husband and me are growing in Faith everyday.., stepping out and enjoy what God has for people.We hear/see His things

What can I… do for You?

Last year God rocked my heart by introducing me to this song. Jenn Jonhson- A little longer  What can I do for You What can I bring to You What kind of song would You like me to sing 'Cause I'll dance a dance for You Pour

Foolish or obedient?

In my last post i wrote about not performing God but being authentic, and what it could look like. Most times i hear/see Holy Spirit saying/doing things i never would've done/ think of myself. I'm learning a lot while stepping out in faith and be obedient to what He wants me to say or do. While learning i make mistakes and still enjoy the adventures. I love living a life

You can’t perform God

The other day i was overthinking about the past two years, that have gone by so fast. In these two years of being a born again Christian, so many things have changed in our lives. It has only been two years but it feels like

It’s no longer i who live…

After encountering Jesus, my life off course totally changed. One of the first things i felt in my heart was a certain desire.., run with Jesus. And so i did… Since that day it was no longer i who live, but Christ who lives within

My culture

In my culture: We love first, and out of that love we seek for intimacy with the one who created love... The one who loved us first. In my culture: Love does not hide, it isn't scared. We know who and who's we are. Therefore

His bread sustains my heart

As you might probably already know, i was raised a Christian. While growing up, i never understood how people could read The Bible without getting frustrated and without having headaches while reading. That was off course because i thought it was too difficult, and i

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